Fees for: Half Day London Car Tours
Half Day London Walking/Public Transport Tour
Half Day out of Town Car Tours
Longer Half Day Out of Town Car Tours
Full Day London Car Tours
Full Day London Walking /Public Transport Tour
All Day Out of Town Car Tours – 8 hours
All Day Out of Town Car Tours – 9 to 10 hours
Airport Stopovers/Layovers
Day Trips to Belgium and France
Multiday/Overnight Touring

Fees for 1st Feb 2023 – 31st March 2024

Here is a table of some of the most frequently requested tours: should you be looking for something different, I will be delighted to supply you with a quote. The fee for a tour depends on both the number of hours out and the mileage covered. Thus the cost of a tour which is not listed, will be similar to one of an approximately equal number of hours and miles in the table below.

Fees are for tours in English: for foreign languages please add £30 per half day or £50 per full day

Tours (Price in £ Sterling)Hours1-6 People7--8 People

Half Day London Car Tours finish by 1pm, or start from 2pm
London or Olympic area or Docklands4£510£550
London or Olympic area3£450£495
Museum Highlights Tour3£450£495
Chiswick, Ham or Syon Houses - Greenwich - Kew Gardens4£490£530

Walking/Public Transport/Site Tour finish by 1pm, or start from 2pm
Guide only<4£305

Half Day out of Town Car Tours finish by 1pm, or start from 2pm
Hampton Court Palace -quick visit4£505£545
Windsor Castle or Hampton Court Palace5£595£635

Longer Half Day out of Town Car Tours: one of the following
Chartwell - Downe House - Hever Castle - St Albans6£650£675
Penshurst Place - Rochester - Thames Valley6£650£675
Sissinghurst - West Wycombe -Waddesdon - Leeds Castle - Chilterns6£660£690

Full Day London Car Tours
London - SHORT DAY7£695£735
Olympic Park Plus - Docklands & Greenwich - Kew Gardens & Syon House - West London Villas8£765£815

Full Day London: Walking/Public Transport/Site Tour
Guide only<9£475

All Day Out of Town Car Tours 8 hours
Oxford -very short visit6£760£800
Leeds Castle & Chartwell (Churchill's home) / Rochester / Chatham Dockyard / Knole & Sissinghurst9£835£875
Hever / Penshurst / Chartwell /Downe -2 of these9£845£880
Brighton /Canterbury / Oxford / Cambridge / Sissinghurst & Great Dixter / Highclere Castle / Thames Valley & Chilterns / Homes & Gardens in Kent & Sussex 8£845£885
Windsor and Hampton Court9£810£845
Stonehenge only & quick lunch7£785£825
Harry Potter Studio & London9£825£860

All Day Out of Town Car Tours 9 to 10 hours
Gardens of Kent & Sussex - Castles & Stately Homes/Gardens- Leeds Castle & Chartwell9£845£885
Oxford & Blenheim or Windsor10£920£960
Brighton (& Arundel) / Highclere & Bampton9£845£915
Cambridge & Duxford or Ely / Dover Castle & Canterbury / Oxford & Blenheim Palace OR Windsor Castle9-10£935£975
Stonehenge & Windsor OR Salisbury OR Winchester - Portsmouth & Portchester Castle- Stonehenge and Avebury ancient sites 9-10£940£990
Castles & Stately Homes/Gardens10£845-940£885-990
Cotswolds 9£900£940

All Day out of Town Car Tours 10 hours or longer
Stonehenge & Old Sarum or Windsor or Winchester or Salisbury - Winchester & Salisbury - 10£940£990
Cotswolds (Longer) / Stonehenge & Avebury Neolithic sites10£960£1005
Oxford and Stratford-on-Avon or Warwick -Cambridge & Constable Country

Cotswolds & Stratford-on-Avon or Warwick 10£960£1005
Salisbury & Bath / Bath and Avebury 10£1030£1075
Bath & Stonehenge11 to 12£1105£1150

Airport Stopovers/Layovers
Allow around 1 hour for exiting customs, plus 2 hours for later check-in. Total hours (right) show duration from flight arrival to departure. Thus actual tour time is 3 hours less than total on right. Charges include meeting, greeting & parking. Prices are indicative. Exact price depends on distance/destination for that day. Please ask for quote.Total hours1-4 pax from>4 pax from

Multiday/Overnight Touring
Per day, includes average 150 miles dailyup to 9 hours£845£880
Guide's overnight expenses-£165£165
Extra hours, per hour or part, with car out of town-£85£90
Extra hours, per hour, or part with car in London-£70£75
Extra hours, per hour, or part, guide only£60£60
Extra miles, per mile£1.75£1.80

Day Trips to Belgium or France
France: (excludes Eurotunnel Shuttle fare) Boulogne, Le Touquet, Montreuil sur Mer, Calais12-13£1215£1260
Belgium: (excludes Eurotunnel Shuttle fare), e.g. Medieval Bruges, Veurne, Ostend12-13£1215£1260

Fees for advice
A reasonable amount of advice. based on time spent, is included in the above prices. If many hours are devoted to planning, then a quote for time will be given.

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