Anne Mark - Blue Badge GuideMy name is Anne Mark. I founded and run Marksman Tours. After extensive training and examination, I was awarded the coveted BLUE BADGE by the London Tourist Board, covering the London area and places within one day’s drive. The Blue Badge ensures the best quality and enables me to guide you inside many of the historic sights in and around London – where only fully qualified Blue Badge Guides are allowed to address groups or individuals.

My style is relaxed and my aim is for YOU to have a fun, enjoyable time as well as experiencing all the UK has to offer, whether it’s history, pubs, the Romans, shopping, crafts, the arts or feeding the ducks in St James’ Park!

I have had a broad range of experience in a variety of lives, having been an Investment Banker and later a Museum Finance Director. Now a freelance guide, it is such a pleasure to meet visitors from all over the world and show them the best of Great Britain. I have lived in various European and South American countries and have traveled extensively. Thus I really enjoy the differences in countries & cultures and understand intuitively what will appeal to visitors from different countries about this wonderful country and its people!

I am a member of the following professional organizations for Guides: The Institute of Tourist Guiding, The Guild of Registered Tourist Guides (National) and The Driver Guides Association.


Why Marksman Tours?

  • QUALITY ASSURANCE: whoever your guide will be, you will always get a BLUE BADGE GUIDE, officially recognized and examined by the London Tourist Board,  a member of The Institute of Tourist Guiding, and at least one of the following professional organizations for Guides: The Guild of Registered Tourist Guides, The Association of Professional Tourist Guides (London), The Driver Guides Association.
  • High degree of flexibility in planning and executing your tours
  • You are in control: you decide what you would like to do (subject to time available, traveling times and my suggestions for a pleasant unhurried day).
  • Sound advice on best use of time available, for a half day or a 2 week tour
  • Expertise in designing customized vacations
  • All guides have the legally required appropriate car insurance (private hire), public liability  insurance and a Private Hire Operator’s (PHV) operators licence issued either by the London Public Carriage Office, or their region’s licensing office.

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