“The 8 day tour was wonderful. The gardens were great, but your expertise and marvelous sense of humor made it much more than we ever expected and we thank you for all you did to make the trip such a success”
Jan & Jerry Johnson, Minnesota, USA Jul 2004

“Anne is witty, articulate and extremely knowledgeable”
Judi Johnson, California, USA Jul 2004

“Anne has the right combination of knowledge, common sense and humor, that’s what made this tour special!”
Leslie Rohan, California, USA Jul 2004

“I received my American Express bill with your charges, and I must say that your excellent service was one of the best values of our trip. We thoroughly enjoyed your company and feel like we got much more out of London and Oxford with your perspective and expertise. If you need another reference, we’d be happy to speak with prospective clients on your behalf”
Ron Cooper, Colorado, USA Jun 2004

“My husband, Richard and I and our friends Ken and Noreen Hungerford found Anne to be a fount of information and lots of fun to sightsee with as well. There wasn’t anything we asked her about that she didn’t have an answer to!”
MLVK, Newport Beach, California, USA Apr 2004

“Nogmaals hartelijk dank voor de leuke en zeer interessante rondleiding van de voorbije dagen in Londen. Vooral de fietstocht was een uitsmijter”
Frederik Dossche, Belgium Apr 2004

“Thank you, everyone had a great time. I will recommend you to all and look forward to seeing you again one day”
Lance Boxer, CEO IPC INFO SYSTEMS, New York, USA Apr 2004

“Reminiscing about our trip, everyone agreed that one of the highlights was our tour with you. You went out of your way to accommodate us and our tight schedule. Your knowledge of English history and of Windsor Palace and Hampton Court is awesome and your delivery made everything very interesting. You were not only professional, but also very personable and humorous. You never made us feel pressured to go anywhere or do anything. We were able to have a full, yet relaxing day. Your suggestions for the tours and for lunch were perfect. You gave us a perfect start to our vacation! You more than met our expectations”
Betty Campbell, New York, NY, USA Mar 2004

“I appreciate very much how sensitive you are to our interests and attention spans (along with our energy levels!)”
Bev P. Washington, USA Feb 2004

“I appreciate so much your expertise. In my two trips to London I believe that I have had a superior experience to so many visitors because I have seen places that are unique and not only the usual tourist spots. Blenheim Palace was my absolute favorite; I find myself thinking fondly of the lovely spot where Churchill is buried and the cup of tea we had in the pub – a true British experience which I wouldn’t have been able to have without your assistance.
With the weak dollar many travelers might balk at the cost of a private guide but I know it’s the best money I spent on the trip. You are able to expose us to the essence of a place–what it’s about–historically, culturally and economically. Your preparation is evident. As a teacher, I appreciate that a great deal”
A. Adams, Seattle, Washington, USA Feb 2004

“In 2003 I contacted various tour companies enquiring about a personalised London Tour. Anne Mark of Marksman Tours stood out as being knowledgeable, friendly and above all willing to really consider what I was looking for and tailor make a package.
The tour was interesting, well planned and flexible enough to allow for in depth conversations on various subjects including the ice age when Britain split from the rest of the European continent. This may seem like an odd subject to discuss on a tour of London but it illustrates Anne’s great spread of knowledge – if you want to know something Anne’s your (wo)man. The day was a great success and covered lots of ground. Little touches like chilled drinks constantly available and umbrellas to borrow if it rained all help to make the day most enjoyable.
Subsequently I have asked Anne to organise another London tour, this time for my board of directors and their wives. When Anne responds to a request to include something a little different, with “how about a Bards, Bishops and Brothels walk?” then I just know it will be another success.”
AH Gleghorn, Managing Director, Cleveland Technologies Group, UK Feb 2004

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