“Just back home for a day, and the family is already talking about our next sojourn in London.  We will contact you as matters get more serious. Thank you for the lovely and highly informative day we spent together.”
Dr M Mauer, Chicago, Illinois, USA                               December  

“Just a quick message to say thank you again for all the fun on Tuesday.  My Dad and Step-mom thought you were fabulous and made the trip all the more colorful and informative. They truly enjoyed their time with you, as did I. Abrazos.”
Joe S, Los Angeles, California, USA                               December  

“Thank you for an excellent tour (of the Olympic Park area).  A shame it was so cold, but I have had a number of emails saying how much people enjoyed it, so despite the weather it was a great success! It certainly gave everyone a great insight into the history and future of the area as well as lots of interesting info about the games, buildings and planning, so overall a really interesting and informative tour.”
Julia Ricci, Kent International Club , UK     December

 “The Sampsells were sooooo happy with you!”
Karen Berger,  Agent, Preferred Travel, Naples, Florida, USA       October

 “Michelle Slingsby from Rance, Booth and Smith Architects Practice rang to say how pleased she was with the tour (of the Olympic Park area).  Many people made very positive comments about it and she was very impressed the way you tailored it to their needs.”
Tour Guides Ltd, London, UK         October

“Thank u so much, the girls had a great time, can’t thank u enough, feel free to use me as a reference!!!”
Mickey Fenig, Los Angeles, California              August

“Thanks for the tour it was fantastic!”
Andrew Ward, London , UK                             August

 “Just to say a big thank for all doing such a brilliant job on Sunday morning. The client and guests were very happy.”
Kevin Caruth, Urban Gentry, London, UK        August

 “Thanks for a fascinating tour –really enjoyed it. Much appreciated by all generations.”
F & D  Ward, Paris, France                              August

“Anne-thanks for the wonderful day on Monday, it was great to see so many areas and my mom and grandparent’s pasts, and great fish and chips.  thank you so much for all.”
Debra Haber, USA                                           August

“The trip was a great success with the children who enjoyed and participated in all the visits and activities.  Well Anne, I want to thank you again for the time you spent with us..we all learnt something new about the city.”
Genevieve Eltvedt, Paris, France                       July 

“J’ai reçu un grand nombre de messages de félicitation de la part de mes collègues et je voulais les partager avec vous.   je pense que le ” cycling tour” restera un moment fort de ce voyage et donnera l’envie à certains de revenir.”
Francesco Ranza, Banque Rothschild, Geneva, Switzerland    June 

“On behalf of all of us  who took part in the Olympic walk last Friday we must thank you for all you did. Your erudition and charm coupled with the fine weather ( not sure if you can claim credit for that) made it a most enjoyable and interesting outing for all of us.”
Raymond Hart, London, UK                              June 

“Thank you very much for your fantastic sightseeing with exceptional explanations and commentaries with very nice last stop in Parliamentary Pub.”
Dr Pavel Kotoucek, Southend, UK                   June 

Our tours with you, Karin and Nick, were the highlights of the trip!  In retrospect, I should have stayed 5 nights in London just to see a few of the “must see attractions” for Lauren’s sake, and then spent two more days touring with you in the south of England.  Amazing that we saw as much as we did in the few days that we had…Again, thank you for all your help and good advice.  We thoroughly enjoyed our tour with you and do sincerely hope that we can tour with you again!”
Beverly C. Tupelo, Mississippi, USA               June 

” Nous avons reçu des nouvelles de M. et Mme. Asselin qui étaient avec vous au mois de Mai. Ils n’ont que des compliments à vous faire! Vous êtes d’ailleurs la meilleure guide qu’ils ont eu pendant leur voyage! Ils ont vraiment apprécié votre compagnie et votre français impeccable! Je garde avec bonheur votre nom en note et j’espère vous envoyer d’autres clients dans un avenir rapproché!””Thank you again for the wonderful tour today. We all loved it!”
Julie Herendeen, Palo Alto, California, USA    June

Marie-Noel Martel, Voyages Inter-Pays, Quebec, Canada       May 

“We had great feedback so thank you – will definitely be in touch with you again for other groups.”
Kate Hutchings, RPMC London (for Sony Ericsson) UK           May

“Thank you for the wonderful tour of London we had last week. All our students really enjoyed it and you can be sure that we will get in touch again for our next trip to England”
Michel Bourrier Lycee Virlogeux, Riom,  France             April

“We have arrived well back in Austria! Everything worked perfectly and I really have to thank you for the excellent work! Everybody was very, very well informed about all single details!!!  And tourguides had been very good. Again, I really have to thank you and the whole team for the great success!!!  And I am really looking forward to work with you in the near future again!”
Renate, Partylite, Austria                                            April 

Anne, thank you so much for the time you spent with us – it was lovely.   Again, my most sincere “thank you” for sharing your knowledge – making it fun and informative for us all.  Toni W, Napa Valley, Ca, USA                       February

“Loved everything about today. What was the name the pub we had lunch? Everything was fabulous. Thank you thank you thank you. ”
Serra Y, New York, NY,  USA                         February 

“Many thanks for the terrific job that you did in guiding us through London.  You provided wonderful leadership for all of us:  the little ones, the medium ones, and for Mike and me.  As I wanted, your knowledgeable guidance enabled us to be “fascinated” by the history before us, and to thoroughly enjoy each site.  It was a wonderful, engaging trip.”
Sandy Wang, California, USA                          January